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Anger at my husband for unresolved issues before he died


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It is nearly 3 months since my husband died suddenly, and I have been hit hard today with some real ANGER about unresolved issues in our marriage.  I am being flooded with memories of all the times he was unsympathetic, did not support my ideas, was disconnected from me....

The truth is that I OFTEN FELT ALONE in our marriage (28 years), but then we had some wonderful times of closeness, and a real life together.  He was a truly good man.   

Some of this today has been brought on by news that he had told his brother of changes he wished in his will, that would have benefitted his only daughter.  We met in our 40’s and did not have children.  He always doted on his daughter and I knew that from the beginning. The will changes are mostly not going to happen, according to the executor, but it just brought up in me all this ANGER about where I truly stood in this relationship.   

I REALLY REALLY want to move on in my life! To remember the good times and not look back anymore!  Mostly, I want to have a go at him right now and get some explanations, but of course I cannot do that!    

How in the world can I resolve this, when I JUST WANT TO TALK WITH HIM AGAIN .....and I cannot ever do that now......

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I understand this frustration. I’m new to it. It’s been two days only but the idea that there will never be a chance to speak with that person again to resolve issues is such a frustrating ache. It helped reading about souls and what can possibly happen, how they are shown all the domino effects of their actions and can feel our pain. But no one knows how certain that is. It can just all just end, nothing more.  

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