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Preparing for the inevitable loss of my boy

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Today we found out from the vet what I've been expecting for weeks... my family's beautiful 11 year old Samoyed has an advanced nasal carcinoma. It's advanced and there aren't really treatment options (and we couldn't really afford them if there were), so all we can do is keep him comfortable and happy as long as possible but it will be a matter of time. I'm 29 and live outside of my parents house where our doggie is, but when we do lose him this will be the first time in 25 years that we will not have a dog in the house. To make matters worse, my dad is in treatment for stage 4 cancer himself and has found so much comfort in my dog during this time. It just seems so unfair and I feel guilty and sad and angry that there's nothing I can do for either of them but watch them slowly slip away. We adopted our current baby 5 years ago right after the death of our other dog, so it feels hard to be going through this again so soon during what has been such a tough year. I don't want to lose him but I'm also scared he'll suffer

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 I am so sorry.  Here is my story...

I pray you will know when it's "time."  I went through this 6/7/19 I found out my soulmate in a dog, Arlie, had terminal cancer, his liver shutting down already.  I had no idea.  He lived 2 months ten days after, then I had him put to sleep.  It was one of the hardest journeys in my life, felt just like losing my husband had, all over again.  He was so perfect!  It is hard for me still, I love and miss him so much.  

Try to stay in today and make each moment with him count.  Try to keep him comfortable.  I put Arlie on maximum strength CBD and did see it helped, also SAMe, Milk Thistle, and he'd always been on Probios.  The cancer was part of his genetic disposition.  (Golden Retriever side, her personality was from the Husky side).  


I encourage you to keep coming here and posting, it helps to express yourself.  We grieve not only when they're gone, but also when we know they will be....:wub:

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