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Hello there! My husband decided to leave after I discovered that he was addicted to gambling. He is in debts and I occasionally exposed that fact. He sold his car and has about $500 dollars on his account, but he owes about $2000 his friends and his second cousin. When my sister-in-law talked to me about that and I decided to speak to my husband, he didn't deny anything. He just said that he has some troubles and I would better stay out of that otherwise I might get hurt. Later that night when I went out with my dog I returned to an empty apartment and when I tried to call him, he declined phone calls and just texted me back that he is leaving and I should file for divorce. I have been trying to reach him, talked to inlaws but they said that I only should accept and move on. I have googled for reviews of divorce services and have some favorites, but still hesitating. If I file uncontested divorce and he wouldn't contest the terms, is it possible that his debts would affect my bank account? We have no property together or kids, I have a separate bank account and we have been married for 2 years only.

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If your finances are together at all, I would think his debts could be a problem. But since you have separate accounts and don't own property together, that sounds safer. That definitely sounds favorable, that you don't have joint ownership of a property. 

My ex and I went through mediation (a couple of sessions, then he was too disagreeable and they wouldn't see us anymore) and then I filed for divorce with a community-based attorney.  My attorney was eager for me to get divorced because she said his behavior could cause problems of liability for me. We owned a house together, and some of our credit and debt was mingled when he left.

I'm sorry his family is being like that. I literally have not communicated with any of my ex's family, except his stepmother maybe once after he left (and I think she now may be divorced from his father), since he left. For whatever reason they never liked me much. They're a big alcoholic family, really dysfunctional, so I am at least thankful to be through with them. 

That's very disturbing to me that he said you could get hurt if you don't "stay out of it."


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