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Has anyone suffered the devastating loss of a career they can’t get back


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Dear Larissa,

Please tell us what happened. What supports are you looking for?

I have seen many people go through job loss and change in careers. It is very difficult losing that send of belonging and community. Hard to start over.

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I lost my license to practice my career and can’t get it back

i went from six figures a year to disability and had to move and might have to get divorced over it

i have No friends or family except for a nice lady I know at a local women’s shelter

I was too of my game in the prime of my life when I lost millions AND CANT GET IT BACK 


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Valerie Lockhart

Hello Larissa,

I've never experienced the "total" loss of a career, but I have experienced age and race discrimination that have blocked me in my career. I'm a seasoned journalist. I've applied for over 15 different positions in the Internal communications department at my place of employment. Individuals with significantly less experience, are all under 35 years old and are all Caucasian were hired for the position. I have more experience than the senior Vice President of the Communications Department. I've learned to create new opportunities for myself. No one can block me from implementing my dreams. I started my own newspaper nearly 15 years ago, Detroit Native Sun (detroitnativesunonline.com). I'm currently suing my employer for race and age discrimination. Try to reinvent yourself and create new opportunities. Even though you've lost your license, you may be able to create opportunities to mentor or coach others in the field. You might consider offering classes to teach others how to be at the top of their game in the same field, and charge a fee. You appear to have a lot of knowledge. Don't waste it or throw away valued treasures. You can even write an e-book and charge a fee for people to get tips. And, the best thing that has helped me is to pray and to rely on God. He will guide you through troubled times. 

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