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Losing a sibling makes everything seem worthless


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So it’s been a year since I lost my older sister (21 at the time) to suicide. I thought it was getting better I thought my mental health after loosing her was improving but lately everything is a struggle, I feel so alone, talking to people doesn’t seem to help and I don’t know what to do.

On Saturday it will be my late sisters birthday she would have been 23. Everyone seems to be fine and not really care, we don’t have any special places to go for her. My whole world stopped after loosing her we only just started to become close again after a falling out and all of a sudden she’s gone. After finding out about her death I felt as though the years we got together were now not enough and everything I ever did wrong to her seemed like that may have been the reason she did what she did.

The biggest thing she was proud of me for was my football she used to message me all the tine saying how proud she was of me and now that she’s gone I can’t play anymore, everytime I do something wrong I feel as though I’m disappointing her. And I love the game but I just can’t deal with her not being here and no one understands everyone says I’m stupid for stopping but I just can’t.

I just miss her so much but have no one anymore



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Valerie Lockhart

Hello tee2002,

I'm sorry for your sister's loss. I  understand your feelings about doing something special to remember her on the anniversary of her death. Sometimes it appears that no one cares, because people will go back to their normal way of life. But, there is one who has not forgotten your sister. He remembers everything about her - her hobbies, dreams, goals and feelings.  "For God's eyes are upon the ways of a man,  And he sees all his steps." - Job 34:2 God even knows how many hairs were on her head - Matthew 10:30. Whenever you're feeling lonely or need someone to talk to, you can always talk to God in prayer. He's never too busy and is available at any time of the day. He tells us to  "throw all your anxiety upon  him, because he cares for you. " - 1 Peter 5:7  God also offers us an opportunity to see our dead loves again by resurrecting them onto a paradise earth that will be free from sickness and death - Revelation 21:4. This may sound too good to be true but everything God promises will come true - Titus 1:2. Unlike man, it's impossible for God to lie. When he speaks, he will carry it out - Numbers 23:19. Continue to allow good memories of your sister to fill the emptiness in your heart. And, remember that one day you can see your sister again and will give her an update on your games. "Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you." - James 4:8



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