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Dear all,

Earlier this year, I experienced the heartbreak of losing my cat of 14 years, my best friend, Muffy. Losing Muffy has been devastating and the grieving process has been extremely painful (and still is). Due to my grief reaction, and the response I have received from others whether its family members, friends or peers, I made the decision to do my BSc Psychology dissertation to honor Muffy’s memory and all the animal companions that have crossed over the rainbow bridge. The dissertation will be on the subject of pet attachment and grief, an area of research I strongly feel is incredibly important. Furthermore, I would like to raise awareness that the grief we feel when losing our animal companions is important and very real thus should be taken seriously.

I am a student at the University of Hull, UK and would like to invite you to participate in my online web survey which can be found by clicking on the following link below.


Before starting the survey, we will give you more information about the research study, and ask for your consent to collect data for research purposes.
Thank you,
Kim x

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I am extremely curious to read the results of this study.  I was here too late to participate but I agree this is an extremely important topic and would love to read your dissertation, if you would be ok to share?

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Hi Kimmeh,

I’m so sorry for your loss. What a lovely way to honour Muffy’s memor.

I too would be very interested to read the results of your study, or participate in further research. 

Good luck with your degree x

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Just saw this, am I too late to participate. I'd be interested in hearing more or helping in any way


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