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Trying To Figure This Out

Trying To Figure This Out... Ideas!  

53 members have voted

  1. 1. Why do people view areas on Grieving.com but not engage with them? (Think Marketplace)

    • Exhaustion! I have energy to look but nothing else.
    • Focus: I look and then my mind drifts and I can't focus enough to engage.
    • Do not know some areas exist like Chat, Circles and Marketplace.
    • Not sure really - I am just numb.
  2. 2. Journal Area on Grieving.com (Public or Private Option)

    • Yes! I would find a journal area to be helpful on Grieving.com to write down my thoughts and feelings.
    • No! I am not interested in a journal area.
  3. 3. Areas for people from specific countries like India, Australia, UK etc.

    • YES! Please create an area just for my country where I can connect with other grieving people who live there.
    • NO! I am not interested in a country specific only area on Grieving.com

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Hello community,

Many people do not delve into the world of grief because of multiple reasons. What we are trying to find out here at Grieving.com is engagement with services. I am not sure anyone has really looked at this before with the grieving community. Grief is so hard because the energy level is zippo, the ability to focus is iffy at best and the desire might be there but gets squished by the lack of energy. Here at Grieving.com, we want to understand where you get stuck in using some of the things we offer and why. Maybe we can do something different to assist you better if we understand the bottle necks. Feedback is helpful as we work towards a solution. Comments here would be great as well as voting on the poll. Here are some concepts we are pondering. 

1. The grief market place concept is to help you find products that assist on the grieving process. We know thousands of people are looking at the products but very few people buy. Is the process too hard? Products not what you need? The whole thing just seems exhausting? 

2. Would a place to journal either as a family/friend group or individually be helpful? It could be private or public. 

3. If you are from a country other than the US would having a group area for people just from your country to converse be beneficial? For example a place just for people from India. 

4. Would a starter guide for Grieving.com be helpful? Something to show how the software works and what is available? 

Any other thoughts? 

The Grieving.com Team

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Before I respond fully, I don't really understand this post. i.e. in response to each question:

1.  What "market place" and what "products" are you talking about? My offhand thought without knowing fully what you mean is because people don't come here to buy products; they come here to reach out to connect with others which they hope will help in dealing with unfathomable pain.

2.  Yes, I think so. I have long advocated the idea of keeping a journal and did so myself. I simply kept a document on my computer to do so, however. 

3.  N/A for me so won't speak to that.

4.  ? Sorry I don't follow. It's a message board. What's to know? You register, you post.


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