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They know. They try. They can’t. I will.

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They say I’ve got a few stages to go through.

They offer condolences and prayers and say they know what I’m going through.

No one knows what I’ve lost.

No one knew what I had.

No one can feel what I feel.

They tell me to move on to remember the love and sweet memories.

They show me their compassion but I can’t even feel that.

Try not to see this part of my life.

Try not to tell me you understand.

Try never to put my grief in your words.

They call with comforting conversation.

They visit and mean well when they 


Can’t they see the pain it causes.

Can’t they let me heal in peace.

Can’t all this be a bad dream.

I am grateful for their loving kindness.

I am trying to make it through.

Will this nightmare ever end.

Will I ever learn to live without you.

Will I ever make to the final stage. I will.

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On 12/15/2018 at 11:36 PM, John/Wendy said:

Try never to put my grief in your words.

That is stunning in its truth.  I'm going to remember it whenever someone tries to do exactly that.

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I totally understand. People's best intentions often come out so wrong! And it can totally piss me/you off and make things worse. I just say "Thanks" and change the subject or say I'd rather not talk about it now or sometimes just make an excuse and leave.

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