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my cousin was murdered


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on august 2nd my cousin Karina was murdered in Queens, NY. she went out for a jog in broad daylight and was beaten, raped, and murdered. im turning 16 on February 9th.i was supposed to have a sweet 16 but i just can't bring myself to celebrate. i miss her so much, more and more every day. i feel so guilty, like i should've known. the murderer has yet to be found. my depression is hurting my relationship and my health. how do i deal with this...

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Missing Jack

Hello Mia,

I am so very sorry you are going through this ordeal, the violent death of your cousin, Katrina. Young lives and so, so much pain.

The feelings, problems, you have described, unfortunately, are not at all uncommon for people going through this kind of terrible ordeal.

I have been searching for several hours, trying to find any information in your area. Resources for family - "homicide survivors."  Survivors of homicides, and violent crimes are an extremely under served community, which is terribly unfortunate due to an ever increasing need.

I will keep searching. In the mean time I found this resource which is jammed full of useful information. I have been looking for something like this in N.Y. city area for you - Maybe others can weigh in, if they know of any.

Even though the state of origin for the above web site is based in P.A, it is packed with information you may also find useful. I might also suggest checking local newspapers for support groups dealing with survivors of homicides (family member survivors) and of violent crime. Also depression supports groups, teen support groups, and specifically teen support groups that deal with all of these issues. More than anything, I want you to know that you, and this pain you are feeling, is being heard.

I also had noticed in your tags, - suicide. Is this something you can talk about, write about?

Please know that you have been heard, please know that there are others out there who can relate to you.

I would encourage you to write again here when you can.

God Bless You Mia,

Kindest Regards,


I am going to continue looking for resources for you in your area, please keep reaching out, as you have here ..


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