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  1. I am mid 30's have had 1 divorce already due to her cheating, which gave me a great little boy that I love dearly but only get to see him when I get free time as I live in a different state as him. I am now on the brink of another divorce after being married for 5 years. She has moved out and lives across the country from me. We agreed to it as it was for her job and that we would evaluate our marriage and see if we could ever live together again. She has became distant and does not care anymore. She cant tell me any loving words or express anything loving to me. The best she could do was tell me she appreciated my patience in this whole thing while we figure it out. We separated in Nov 18. She also has a "friend" that calls her all the time, they send photos and gifts to each other, and she calls him baby. As I type this all out it sounds like an easy decision to make but some how she keeps sucking me back in. I am lost and hurt every day. I am not afraid of being alone or finding another woman, I honestly do not want to find another woman though. I know too much about statistics and know my chances after this divorce is slim to none. I think I have rambled on enough thanks for any words you have.
  2. I have seen many people with PTSD, may I ask what it is from? I would offer to take slow steps to allowing him back in if that is what you want. If he was so willing to leave before that means it is in him again. On the other side you have to be patient and willing to give him a chance. I would have a calm conversation about expectations and then write it down and sign it. This way it is more real and you can refer back to it if a conversation is getting too heated. I would also have these conversations away from the children in a public place to allow for a distraction if need be during the conversation that is not kids.
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