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  1. LindaP, I am thinking about how to do this. Kelly
  2. Please give us feedback on how to make the chatroom and 1 on 1 chats easier to use. Any other feedback?
  3. LindaP what is it about? Do you have to pay to listen to it?
  4. Time Left: 8 days and 11 hours

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    Grieving is one of the hardest roads a person every walks. Finding your way back to Zen is an effort. Here at Back To Zen, we understand as we are also the owners of this forum, Grieving.com. We created these products to help people take a Zen Moment to rest and heal. We hope these products help ease you on your grief journey. Sold only in the USA.


  5. Time Left: 5 days and 14 hours



    - US

  6. Kelly

    Chat room?

    Hello all, We have the chat room on Grieving.com open for this coming week at https://forums.grieving.com/index.php?/chat-demo/ Free to everyone. Please feel free to join us in the group meeting Saturday from noon to 2:00 PM EST (USA). Kelly
  7. Hello community, We have been approached by some people who create various different items to help people during grief. We are thinking about putting up a little store where you can list the item but it would link back to your website, etsy, shopify etc account. It would not be sold through Grieving.com. Just an area where people could find the book you have written, the craft that was made, the photo that was done. Etc. If you are a person who has an item that might be an interest for this area, please post it here or reach out to grieving@getbacktozen.com. The Grieving.com Team.
  8. Kelly

    Multiple Losses

    Pmarie, I am so glad it has helped! Please check out the new chat feature. Then you can talk to people in real time. We just launched it yesterday. Kelly
  9. Kelly

    Multiple Losses

    Thank you for this suggestion! Let me make sure I understand. You want a forum area like under Grief Issues topics to discuss when you have multiple losses? Another option we have are clubs. This is where people "join" the club that talks about that specific issue. It would be like a mini message board area but could have multiple topics list and be easier to follow. It would also allow more sensitive issues to be discussed and would not be searchable by Google. This would be a premium feature but are looking for a trial and a couple of people to "lead" it. Thoughts? Leaders wouldn't pay the fee since they are helping keep the club safe.
  10. Kelly

    Chat room?

    Chatroom is open as well as 1 on 1 chats! Thank you for the suggestion. Open 24/7 is the 1 to 1 private chats. The chatroom(s) will be open at set times when a moderator can be present. Thank you for this suggestion everyone! Kelly, Elyse & ModHerc
  11. Kelly

    Forum Rules 2019

    Good points Herc. Keeping it simple is the key. A wall of text will just make people glaze over. Another one we are looking is be a friend, supporter and follow journey person but not a therapist. Not our role to diagnosis anyone on the forum. Sharing information that has helped each other is fine, with like you said looking at copyright laws etc. Plus, we have over 100 countries represented which means simpler the better.
  12. Kelly

    Forum Rules 2019

    I would also add here lashing out with anger. Anger is part of the grief journey. However, lashing out at other members on the board in anger breaks the respect rule.
  13. Hello everyone, Since it is the start of a new year, we are looking at the forum rules. For the last 22 years it has been a pretty simple, straight forward set of rules. 1. Be respectful of everyone. This means their beliefs, their gender, their cultural and their grief journey. No judgements only empowerments. 2. Keep swearing to a minimum. Meaning no "F" word etc. It seems like we might need to add one or two more ideas. One is the Topic/Message Hijacking. This means flooding a topic thread with more posts than others want to read by one reader. Any other suggestions? Kelly & Elyse
  14. Kelly

    Chat room?

    Herc, Good ideas. We do struggle with the paying concept but have do have to have resources to grow into more options. Different level of memberships are an option. Having Moderators who open the room while they are on is a good suggestion. Then there are no need to have scheduled chat times which is hard to keep. Definitely something to ponder. Since we have a dialog started here are options that can be part of a membership:. 1. Chat - self explanatory 2. Clubs - This software offers the ability to have public or private clubs. What we were thinking is Clubs/Groups for countries. We want everyone to mingle on the main message board but if people from India could talk from other people from India etc. Again, we would have to have moderators for those areas. 3. Content Areas: We used to have a full website that we took down back in 2010 because it needed to be updated. My other company I owned was paying for this forum until recently and now this site is on it's own. However, we have content we are working on behind the scenes to put up. Stories people have written about their grief journeys with permission for us to use the. We have how to articles for caregiving etc. This would be open to members. 4. A store for people to list their products related to grief. Many members have written books, or make grief blankets etc. Things not really found on Amazon.com nor can people afford to go the Amazon vendor route. Plus we can make some of the forums for members or aspects of them and the rest open to the public. Options. If people have other suggestions please I am all ears. Right now we are finalizing the new design of the site which will fix the gallery area of the site. Kelly
  15. Kelly

    Chat room?

    We could add a chat room but who monitors it? That is the stumbling block. I am all for people connecting. Everyone just has to have a good experience while doing so. Any suggestions on how to maintain a room with the type of support this forum provides? One of the things we are thinking over is making Grieving.com a membership forum for small amounts of $$ a month. Then we can pay moderators to watch for Trolls. Plus, we are thinking (could be wrong) that a membership wall will keep a good chunk of people out. It is hard to offer more services when right now we are volunteer organization of 2 of us.
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