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For those who have lost their soulmate. Some people are lucky enough to find their soulmate during their lifetime. What brings the members of this circle together is the bond we have with our soulmate, and the fact that we have lost them.
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  2. The day I met Jeremy I knew he was the one I was meant to be with for the rest of my life. However, when I found out he was only 15 years old (6 months after we first met), I knew I had a miserable 3 years ahead of me. You may ask why. Well, my friends, I may have fallen in love with Jeremy the day we met, but no one said there would not be any challenges. The reason I had that miserable years ahead of me is because in January of 2000, my husband was only 15 years old, and I was 21 years old. Yes, I was 6 years 4 months and 5 days older than Jeremy. I will eventually get to writing t
  3. Sorry, guys and dolls. I had no idea I'd be approved to do this circle, and a week later I'd get bombarded with the stuff I need to login to SNHU online in preparation of my first class. However, this is the hand fate has dealt, and I have been super busy trying to take care of all my login information, reading on what the class is about, looking at the small ebook for this class, and getting familiar with my classroom. I have, however, I have begun the story of when Jeremy and I first met, and it will be posted shortly.
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