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Grieving can bring out the dark side of us. However, how do we talk about these deep, intense emotions? Generally non-grievers do not want to hear about the angst of grieving. Share here with others about the dark side of grieving. Keep in mind to be respectful of others and their emotions. This forum will stick strictly to the topic.

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  2. TLC it COMPLETELY makes sense. I was talking to a friend this morning who is also struggling and he said I just want to go home where there is so much love but I realize I still have "work" here on earth I need to do. In his belief system he beliefs in reincarnation and really doesn't want to come back to this dark time every again. Sometimes a foot one at time on this grief journey is all we can do even though each step feels like a marathon. I could be wrong but I think talking and being honest about the Dark Pit helps. Correct me if I am wrong! Please, others, give us a shout out here and let us know how your corner of the pit is looking today. Kelly
  3. Well Kelly, thank you for caring! I really appreciate your follow up because "we" who are in the Deep pit are floundering. Not sure why we are still here and cannot see a future at all because half of us has gone, amputated. We are no longer whole, ourselves as we knew ourselves if that makes sense. So, each day is a new day but one in which I am not really here, or there just in limbo. I realise that those who are fighting for their lives and who really want to stay for as long as they can because they have so much to live for (I have actually been in that place myself) but now I have nothing and no one to live for and so I just want to go home. So that's where I am atm. Hope others are doing better!
  4. Hello all, The other thread that was going disappeared. How is everyone hanging in there these days? Is the pit extra dark today? Let me know how you are doing. Kelly
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