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About This Club

Fresh, new, raw grief is all encompassing. Come here to help you navigate this new journey you are on in life.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Linda Nannah

    Losing my son

    I would love to talk. I could always use someone who knows what I’m going through and we could help each other
  3. lrragone

    Losing my son

    I am so very very sorry to hear about the loss of your precious son. I just lost my daughter who was 39 years old on August 23 of this year to a heroin overdose. It is the worst pain a parent will ever have to deal with in their life. I am like you I think I am doing good and then all of a sudden maybe I hear a certain song or smell some thing that reminds me of her and I break down. I know it is going to take a long time to heal from this. My husband and I have her six-year-old daughter to raise. As she lost her father to an overdose when she was only six months old. Thank God this poor innoc
  4. Monalisa76

    Covid is awful

    My dad died August 8th from acute respiratory distress caused by covid. I am not coping well. I live 10 hours away from my mom and siblings. I have lived in FL for 22 years after getting married. We are planning to move closer next year after my son graduates from high school. Now my dad isn't going to be there and I feel so guilty for moving away all those years ago. I flew up and was able to say goodbye to him because he opened his eyes to look at me while squeezing my hand. I am so angry at my husband all the time. I can't sleep, eat, and am bothered by everything. It's awful!
  5. Linda Nannah

    Losing my son

    I lost my son, Tyler on August 2nd, 2020. He had just been released from jail on Friday, July 31st. We spent the day together and I dropped him off at a hotel that he wanted to go to because it was on the bus line as he didn’t have a license. I asked him if he wanted to stay with us and he said no because he had been surrounded by people for the past 6 months and wanted some down time. We got the call that Sunday. He had completed rehab at a wonderful place in Warren, Ohio and was living in a sober house. Two days after he moved in, he went on a job interview and the kid he was with got
  6. julnjer007@comcast.net

    Mom gone

    My mother did May 16, 2020 of COVID-19. I am so angry at this virus and so sad it took my beautiful mother away. My grief goes on to the point I just don't know how to live without her.
  7. Hello everyone. I just joined this site to get some help with the sudden loss of my dad a month ago. I'm not sure how to navigate this circle - for example, how do we start conversations? Do we create a topic? Or just reach out to people individually? I'm sorry for my ignorance and appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
  8. In November 2019 my father called me from his home in North Carolina. I lived about 5 hours away in South Carolina and informed me he was sick and not feeling well, As normal as it seemed I would jump in my car and rush to be with him. He had been having diarrhea for several weeks and they could not figure out why. It was not an infection of the bowels, not his gall bladders, not really sure what it could be, The next step was to run test to see if he had ulcers in is stomach. So again we waited for that appointment. My dad had already been diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer and lymphoma canc
  9. DazedNConfused

    tell your favorite holiday memory with your person

    We were living in California. Our little dog was wearing a onesie that was red and had "waiting for santa" on the butt. She had a lot of presents and would take each one upstairs to the master bedroom one by one. We were listening to christmas music and near the tree we got with all my old ornaments. I had cooked a prime rib and my love said to me that he never understood why people liked it until I cooked it for him. That became our tradition - prime rib for christmas. He was always so generous but this memory holds special meaning to me because i got to return some generosity and give him s
  10. Jacquiet

    HeartBroken Mom

    I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my daughter July 10, 2020 and we will lay her to rest this coming Saturday. I understand your pain as I also feel I will never recover from this heartbreak. I will pray for your peace and comfort and I battle my own grief.
  11. HeartBroken Mom

    HeartBroken Mom

    Good Afternoon, My oldest daughter was murdered on 5-6-2020. She was laid to rest on the 21st of May. I am heartbroken and I am not sure if I will ever heal. Please help!!!!
  12. Kelly

    anyone here?

    We are here Beyond. Have you found the loss of a child forum yet?
  13. I need help. I have been trying to find places like this..no one understands the loss of a child better than someone who has been there.
  14. My mother passed away 1/15/20. It's so hard to write this. I can/t believe she is not here. I can't believe what took place before she died. When I was 16yrs old my little nephew passed away from leukemia I was in the room with him. At the time it was so hard for me to process or understand what took place. 15 year ago, my sister was diagnosed with Cancer sometime in January. My dad committed suicide that year on 7/31/04. My sister died in my arms on 11/13/04. I had a couple pets died. I feel like I have grieved alot. I understand the stages. I know time will be my best friend. However, my
  15. jacqisonteam213

    i lost my grandma

    I am so heartbroken , she’s been on this earth for 75 years
  16. my favorite memory is the welcome santa parade .every year (up until he was sick ) me and ian and the entire marching band did a welcome Santa parade . it was the kickoff to the holiday season . it was always so fun . and 5 years ago ,the band went to Disney world . thats where i got a x wing necklace.and did a parade in magic kingdom. that trip is my favorite trip
  17. I lost somone to cancer . and now i fear that someone else is gonna get diagnosed or that somone in remission is gonna get sick again. does anyone else fear like this who lost somone to a deadly disease ?
  18. I still feel the same . SAD BEYOND WORDS
  19. jacqisonteam213

    my favorite memory

    in 2016, my marching band trip was to Disney world/univursal. the first day is magic kingdom , fast forward , it halfway through the day ,we (unintentionally) meet up in Tomorrowland , and go on speed raceway . then i spend the rest of the day with his group . at the end of the day, we watch the imfamas magic kingdom fireworks . this memory keeps me going , knowing we had Disney fun together
  20. jacqisonteam213

    How Are You Today?

    pretty down . cant stop thinking of my friend ian , who passed from cancer.. it breaks my heart he was in pain. he had a rare cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. i never expected my emotional pain to be this bad
  21. Coreys42

    How Are You Today?

    I just joined this page. I lost my 24 year old son on October 29th this year. I am really sad and miss him so much. My heart aches and my body goes numb right down to my bones. I cry a lot, however I have returned to work as a teachers aide which helps some. I plan to see a therapist this week as I fear going through Christmas and his birthday being on the 27th I feel it is going to be really rough. I pray every night that he is ok and is at peace, I just wish I knew he was ok. I am very distant now and don't want to be with my friends like I was before. Corey was my first born and I
  22. jacqisonteam213

    my loss

    3 months ago i lost my friend to Rhabdomyosarcoma. this friend was my age and I regarded him as a brother, we had a lot in common. I met him in band class, he played the trumpet ,I played the drums, which meant he was kinda near me .all throughout middle school I would sit at his lunch table ( its based on grade), in 9th grade we had the choice to start marching band (I knew from my older brother ) , he joins , I don’t cus I had a lot going on . in 10th grade I join, I’m in the pit and he still plays the trumpet (and is really good) .the kids in pit are mean to me, but he supports and helpe
  23. dailystruggle

    lost my husband of 50 years

    Will Always Be Bill's, Thank you for Waves. I copied it off too. Very apt. I've often referred to this grief as being is a small boat in choppy seas.
  24. Will Always Be Bill's Wife

    lost my husband of 50 years

    I lost my greatest love, my husband Bill, unexpectedly, like you from an aortic dissection. He was only70 and we had celebrated our 40th anniversary only 2 weeks earlier. Everything you have felt is everything I felt...from the first night alone to now. Please take baby steps, you are learning to walk a different way down a different path. You may have severe highs n lows like I do, paralyzing me on the low days when I wonder how I will go on...and others when I ask myself why I'm NOT having a low day, am I forgetting him? Like others have said here, there is no manual, no set o
  25. dailystruggle

    lost my husband of 50 years

    Sandra, I lost my amazing husband in July. The house is hard. One evening, I drove around and around with my dog because I couldn't bear to be home. And yes, I've been surprised at how my body has reacted....feeling physically ill all the time. Sending you good thoughts. Know you aren't alone.
  26. Monday Aug 26 my loving husband died suddenly from a massive heart attack....he was only 74 years old and I am in so so much pain....I so feel like I cant go on. I don't know where do begin after the funeral and everyone goes back to their lives . My pain is so great.. every where i go in my house is a piece of him , I can smell him in every room, I cant sleep in our bed, my tears are always there, I have cried so much I feel I should have no more....i cant stand the thought of being alone in my house, I don't know where to begin how do I go on , my body is reacting in strange ways, I spent s

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