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As someone who was adopted as a baby, I understand searching for answers. This group is for support and a place to find others that can understand what it means to be ADOPTED.
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  2. I wonder why they don't make it a law that you should be given your biological family medical history. When you are adopted you don't have the ability to ask mom or dad about medical problems because they are not the biological parents. If you get sick and have major health issues it is hard to know why you got sick because there is no history. I wish that they would make sure that adopted people could get that information without any hassle so that you would know if there were something you needed to look for. For me that was a big part of the questions and what I felt was a big missing piece of the puzzle.
  3. Have any of you looked for your birth parents? Did you find them or are you having trouble getting the information you need? I knew more about my adoption than most do because it was more of an open adoption and I knew who my birth mother was. I had a name for my father but nothing more than that and I didn't find any information on him until 2016, 54 years after my adoption. I was able to have a relationship with my birth mom and it was good for the both of us and she got to see her grandkids grow up. I lost her in 2011 and miss her all the time. My birth father had passed away before I was able to find his family so I did not get to see him.
  4. When you learn you are adopted it suddenly changes everything in your life. Then all of a sudden there are a thousand questions about why was I adopted, who are my birth parents, how come they gave me up. It seems like you don't really know what to do or how to feel. I was adopted at the age of 3 months and I found out at age 12 that the parents that I had were not who I thought they were. I was able to see all of the adoption papers and even got to see my original birth certificate. Even though I had more answers than most do when they find out it still did not stop me from questioning everything. It took me a long time to get some answers and even now at my age (56) I still have things I would like to know.

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