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Just listen - Few who understand.

Lost soul08


There really is very few people who understand what it is like to lose two people on the same day or lose someone you love. My grandfather and my fiance...in one day. My grief has turned people away from me it's like they turned against me because they're over hearing about it. Everyone goes on with their lives except the ones that truly loved the person that passed. So then it makes me want to not talk to anybody about how I'm truly feeling and lock myself in my room with all these horrible feelings. I talk to my fiance's family alot because they understand! My grandfather passed away on the same day he was 96 and I haven't even been able to start the grieving process for him yet. I had to choose which funeral I was going to be able to make it for. It makes me feel so guilty and alone and like such ****. It really opened my eyes to the people in my life though and a lot of them really don't show support like they said they would or just completely abandoned me because they're only thinking of THEMSELVES & don't have the capability to offer support or just LISTEN. Don't even have to say anything just LISTEN, like be there. My soulmate is gone, my other half is gone... just listen... 

If I passed away I feel like none of those people would even care.. life goes on for them. 

Few understand,


They're lucky they don't fully understand. 


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