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He Was Here, Today

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I'm the type of woman who "reads signs".  Like if the same set of numbers comes up, I have "good luck" that day.  Or when my gut "tells me" something's not right, I typically listen to my instincts.  It's been a long time since I "got a sign", but I got one loud and clear, earlier this morning.  I had to get a verification code to reset my password on Facebook, and when the code came to me, it was 054701...those are all of the numbers of Jeremy's social security number except the last 4; 05470...were his beginning numbers.  When I saw that, I said, "Hello, my love.  You came to visit, today".  As quickly as I felt his presence, it was gone.  I love you, Jeremy James Atwell...4evr & alwayzz. 

JEREMY & PENNY.jpg Easter weekend, 2016; we were such a beautiful couple.  We accentuated each other very well, I might add.

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