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This is about the accident my husband was in, which took his life. It's also gonna let y'all in on what I believe happened to my husband. I'm gonna break it down into sections, that'll (hopefully) cover the next 6 days. I'll tell y'all about the 3 day argument I had with Jeremy about how I was not going to wear a dress to his benefit, and how mad he was when I did. And more.


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Hello and welcome

@Diana TFirst, let me say, "Hello and welcome". This circle was put together with the idea of allowing those of us who have been blessed to know, love, make a life with and have, unfortunately, lost our soulmates.  It's not a requirement, but I have been asking everyone who joined the circle to please, whenever you are ready, share your stories about you and your soulmate.  


Pennywyze43 in Welcome

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