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April 7-11

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The Vaccine

It has come to my attention that, the shot protects us from dying, but not from getting sick. Okay, I can deal with that. I mean, at least it will help preserve mankind for a while longer. I am blessed due to the fact that I have O- blood; but my girl, Autumn has bronchial asthma, and my one and only sibling has COPD (first stage). Besides, I really don't want to get sick. I've been the type of person who gets chronic bronchitis and upper respiratory infections on the regular since I was little.


CleverPennywyze in Observing and Questioning

I'm not sure

I've been all over the website here at grieving.com tryna find members. No such luck. If someone could/would, pretty please explain to me how I find a member, I will be forever grateful.   -Pennywyze


CleverPennywyze in BrilliantPennywyze


I get my COVID-19 vaccine tomorrow @ 1:00PM I've been having an excellent day, today. I'm writing the character outline for my second series books, and because I have ADHD, I am capable of writing and working on other issues at the same time. I have been doing this a lot lately because I needed to analyze everything between Steve and I, and what we do or don't have as far as a relationship is concerned.  This is what I have come to understand about Steve, he's a 57 year old man who's c


CleverPennywyze in Steve is good

Yesterday Wasn't That Bad

With yesterday having marked 2 years since Jeremy died, it wasn't that bad. I kept myself busy working on my novels, and by the time I realized that it was April 9, it was already 12 almost 1 in the afternoon. No tears were dropped.  Steve and I are doing better. He was really great, yesterday. He knew what day it was, and he did his best to help keep my busy. I know I have made it seem like Steve is some kind of radical jerk, but y'all have to realize that I was in relationship with someon


CleverPennywyze in 2 Years

2 Years, Today

Well, here we are at the 2 year mark of Jeremy's death, and I don't feel well. Not emotionally, but physically. It's not COVID-19 because the way I'm feeling, the symptoms don't match up with the ones for the virus. I feel run down, beat up, and like someone kicked me all over my body while I slept last night.


CleverPennywyze in Pennywyze

Jeremy Pt. 2

After the accident in 2017 where Jeremy hit a baby hog (wild) tore up the front end of our KIA, I was a gnarly mess of anxiety like nobody's business. Every time we would leave Rockport, my feet were in my floorboard slamming brakes I didn't have. (BTW, the KIA was just barely over 1 year old at this point.)  In August 2018, 1 week before my 40th birthday, he fell asleep behind the wheel, of the KIA went off HWY69 @ Victoria, Texas exit, and the subcompact car hit a dip in the road. The car


CleverPennywyze in Jeremy Atwell

Jeremy Pt. 1

PART 1   This is the first part of the story, which leads up to Jeremy's death.   October 31, 2017   Jeremy left for work in our KIA FORTÈ 5, that morning around 4:30-5:00am. We were living in Rockport, which is by Corpus Christi in South Texas. He did not come in from work at the regular time, but he came in about 2 almost 3 hours late. When he stepped inside our trailer, he looked hagrid, (I was kinda familiar with the look because it was the same as when he wreck


CleverPennywyze in Jeremy Atwell

The Worst Week

This. Is. The. Worst. Week. The first of April indicates to me that I have 8 days until the next year mark. I'm never going to consider the 9th of April to be the "anniversary" of my husband's death. I'll always have a major issue with this subject because I've been convinced since I heard the details of the accident (2 weeks later): the woman who was driving, the reason our Acura rolled off the highway, she knew she would not make it through the wreck, she also deducted that Jeremy would be par


CleverPennywyze in Jeremy Atwell

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