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The Carolyn Chronicles

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About this blog

The love of my life died suddenly at age 40, leaving behind two beautiful children... and crippling anxiety.

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Don't Click "Send"

So this was a click away from being just another FB post and then I decided to go into a different direction. Update... after listening to this (the Summer 2002 mix CD) I can say I'm one step closer to rock bottom in terms of overwhelming grief and sadness. I hope it is rock bottom! Some of the lyrics eerily represent how I feel. "Angel of Mine", "Would you cry if you saw me crying?", "I do believe I failed you... I know I let you down", "Instead of making me better, you're making me ill",

Bill G

Bill G

The Public Face

I started this journal to offer the REAL me, the one that is not well. My posts on Facebook to this point have been super refined and, well, fit for public consumption. I need this as an outlet for what's really going on in my head which, quite frankly, the average person doesn't want to hear. Allow me to share my prior Facebook posts so we're all caught up. Carolyn died on May 2, 2020. The first post was published the morning after. Then in this blog I'll get to the trauma...   5/3/20

Bill G

Bill G

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