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I Miss

…holding hands
…your face
…your smile
…your Adam’s apple
…your socks
…your thermals
…your espresso/cappuccino
…your salads
…your laugh
…you waiting for me to come home
…me waiting for you to come home
…your kisses goodbye and hello
…leaning down to kiss you goodbye in the morning and whispering “I Love You My Aldo” in your ear while you are sleeping…did you hear me?
…when you heard me, you responding “Make Me Proud”
…the sound of your footsteps while we shopped together
…the sounds of your slippers shuffling through the house
…the sound of your car door announcing your arrival
…you taking care of your fountains and Koi pond
…your happiness taking care of the patio
…you feeding the birds, squirrels and rabbits
…you whistling and the birds coming to greet you
…your endless love for your daughters and for my sons and daughter-in-law
…your everlasting love and pride for your brother, sisters, in-laws, nieces, nephews, cousins and close friends
…going out to dinner with best friends….the four of us no more
…watching movies at night on the patio, me laying on top of you in one lounge chair under a blanket under the stars, you never complained I was heavy
…you waiting for me to come home from the gym to watch our favorite TV shows, and the movie rental always waiting for us to view
…falling asleep on your shoulder
…how I fit perfectly under your right arm when we walked together
…how we never forgot each other after 29 years of separation and still fit perfectly together
…your tropical summer shirts
…your socks with sandals
…how you never said “no” to anyone
…watching you enjoy your wine, red or white
…your Sudoku on the beach, crosswords together
…walking together at shore’s end holding hands, we never let go
…how you would whisper “are you really my Janice?” in my ear
…how you loved your clients, more like family than clients
…how you loved the company you represented
…your bathing suit sticking out the bottom of your shorts
…reminiscing memories only we shared
…the sound of your sweet voice always singing through the aisles when we shopped together
…your unmatched generosity and kindness, never ever expecting anything in return
…your inability to judge anyone or entertain a negative thought about another human being
…your remarkable patience especially when I made you late
…your dry sausage and provolone snacks
…how you enjoyed your “Broccoli Rabe”
…how you enjoyed your “Ziti”
…how your enjoyed teaching all that you knew
…your button down shirts with your rate card and pen always in your breast pocket, even at the beach
…hearing you tell the story of us
…your love of anything Christmas, singing Christmas Carols, your favorite song “The Christmas Song”, decorating the house, spending Christmas Eve with our family, you calling out the numbers for “Tombola”, your favorite movie of all time “It’s A Wonderful Life”
…how your taught me to shoot pool and bowl when I was 14, how graceful your stride
…the sound of your heartbeat
…the sound of your breath
…the smell of your neck
…your beautiful delicate lips
…your “Good Moring” no matter the time of day
…how you would study a menu only to order “Frutti Di Mare” every time or “Linguine with White Clam Sauce” only when “Frutti Di Mare” was not on the menu
…how you truly enjoyed serving our dear friends at backyard get togethers
…how you enjoyed your “Marie Brizard” with 3 coffee beans
…you capturing every occasion on video and in photos, the man behind the lens
…how you sang “Livin’ La Vida Loca” at the beautiful graduation party you gave me
…how you sang “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” to me so many times
…the sound of your sweet voice in my ear
…watching you dip your “Milanos” in your “Fruit and Almond” tea
…your arms around me
…how you enjoyed every second of your life
…our love affair
…you My Dear Sweet Aldo, this list is as endless as my love for you…
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