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Letters To My Great Grandma

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July 7, 2022



Dear Grandma Shirley,

It's been seven months since you died, and I still feel the pain in my heart. A couple months ago my school was doing a cancer awareness thing and we got to decorate bags and put peoples names on them that had or have cancer. I decorated one and put your name on it. Each day is getting a little easier, even with some set backs. Sometimes I forget that you are not physically on this world anymore and when I remember, I feel all the initial pain over again. 

I'm sorry for not going to your funeral. I really wanted to, but I couldn't let my color guard team down and skip state. I like to believe you were watching me do the group performance and my solo. I cried that night, in front of my team and told them I was missing your funeral. They all hugged me. My best friend, Meredith, has helped me alot, always lending a shoulder when I need to cry. 

I'm at the lake right now. David is growing so fast. I'm so glad you got to meet him. I'll make sure to tell him stories about you. 

I like to think you are in a better place now, with your parents, siblings, and husband. Your out of your suffering here, and happy up there. I miss your stories, your smile, and just hanging out with you. But I always now that you will be with me. I love you Grandma Shirley.

Your Great Granddaughter,



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