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V. Evergarden

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Letters to a Soulmate #5

Violet Coffee


Dear Aidan,
I have been obsessed with butterflies since you left. I was quite fond of them before but I have learned that different colors of butterflies mean different things like brown symbolizes evil and orange symbolizes happiness. In some of my letters, mostly my personal, I call you mon papillon bleu which means my blue butterfly. I not only call you that due to it being your favorite color but it is also because blue butterflies are considered a message from loved ones when we are feeling blue and sad from grief and longing to be with them. They are a symbol of life and acceptance from loved ones who have left, simply telling us to live. They are messages that tell us that they will always be there, protecting us. Though I call you my blue butterfly because I am hoping that you will come as a butterfly and guide me. For the reason that I do not know which path to take in life, the one of my family's, the one of my mother’s, or the one of my own, and if I do take my own path. What is my path? For right now it is foggy and I need a light to guide me. Therefore I do hope that you come as mon papillon bleu, and help me get past the fog.

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Violet Coffee


Meant to put this as letter #6 though I am loosing track of how many I have

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