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I have your nose

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About this blog

It’s been 2 months since my dad/ my hero passed away . I’m angry, lost and acting like a bit of a lunatic to be honest . I’ve never felt more alone . My friends have disappeared of the face of the earth and my husband told me I ‘mope ‘ around the house . So this is me - ranting and feeling completely sorry for myself as I try to navigate my way through the bottomless pit of grief  🤍 

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Lost my dad but feel I’ve lost my mum too 💔

The day I lost my dad, I feel like I lost a part of my mum too . my mum and dad had been together since the age of 15 !! 45 years together and had just celebrated their ruby wedding anniversary 6 weeks before my dad passed away ! They spent pretty much all of their lives together . In my mums words “she doesn’t know how to do life without him “  so the day my dad died , I feel like I lost my mum too . In the midst of trying to navigate my way through the grief of loosing my dad, I

Weepy willow

Weepy willow in I have your nose

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