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Losing your soulmate is one of the most painful deaths I think anyone will have to endure because you lose your other half as well... I know he will always be protecting me but he was only 30 years old.. why couldn't we have the life we always wanted ? He has been my best friend since I was 13... I'm only 28. I feel like I was robbed of my whole future... I don't know what I'm doing anymore.. my other half is just gone. 

I also lost my dear Grandfather " Poppy " on the very same day and found out about my Grandfather and then almost immediately following found out about my love.. 

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The holidays...

No one could ever prepare you for your first holiday without your loved ones. This year is expecially hard because I lost my grandfather and my fiance on the same day. I'm trying to grieve one loved one at a time and I'm taking my fiance passing the hardest at this point because it is Christmas. I spent a beautiful Christmas Eve with his family they showered me with very sentimental gifts and it was very emotional. I know we lit off biodegradable lights for him yesterday and he gave us so many s

Lost soul08

Lost soul08 in Losing two loved ones on the same day

Just listen - Few who understand.

There really is very few people who understand what it is like to lose two people on the same day or lose someone you love. My grandfather and my fiance...in one day. My grief has turned people away from me it's like they turned against me because they're over hearing about it. Everyone goes on with their lives except the ones that truly loved the person that passed. So then it makes me want to not talk to anybody about how I'm truly feeling and lock myself in my room with all these horrible fee

Lost soul08

Lost soul08 in Losing two loved ones on the same day

Books & Journals

Today, I went to the bookstore, and it actually gave me a glimmer of hope finding hundreds of books that try to help you through grief, books about signs and symbols and just things to help you take it day by day. I got myself a planner so I can start planning what I'm going to do with my life and get back to working full-time. This is the first holiday season without my loved ones that past. My fiance and my grandfather. My fiance and I had lots of plans for the holiday season. I'm hoping that

Lost soul08

Lost soul08 in Losing two loved ones on the same day

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