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He Was Here, Today

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About this blog

I'm the type of woman who "reads signs".  Like if the same set of numbers comes up, I have "good luck" that day.  Or when my gut "tells me" something's not right, I typically listen to my instincts.  It's been a long time since I "got a sign", but I got one loud and clear, earlier this morning.  I had to get a verification code to reset my password on Facebook, and when the code came to me, it was 054701...those are all of the numbers of Jeremy's social security number except the last 4; 05470...were his beginning numbers.  When I saw that, I said, "Hello, my love.  You came to visit, today".  As quickly as I felt his presence, it was gone.  I love you, Jeremy James Atwell...4evr & alwayzz. 

JEREMY & PENNY.jpg Easter weekend, 2016; we were such a beautiful couple.  We accentuated each other very well, I might add.

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I'm going to post something that could be misconstrued in many different ways. HOWEVER, there's no malice towards anyone at all. I'm posting this for those of us who are grieving, and could use a tall glass of refreshing honesty.   Since April 9, 2019, I have encountered objects (things) that have stopped my heart, and then I've sobbed relentlessly. I get it that this is part of the grieving process, but holy CRAP!! I had no idea that these inanimate objects could

Clever Pennywyze43

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I Never Had a Clue

I never had a clue as to how deeply I would be affected by the sight of a screwdriver, until somewhere around 20 to 30 minutes ago.  The craziest thing occurred over the last couple of years that I wasn't aware of, as well. And as well as that comes the blindsiding reality that I had not even been around anyone that had a screwdriver (for whatever reason) in the last 2 years.  When Steven picked up a screwdriver about 30 to 35 minutes ago, I said, "Don't f*ing show that to me. Babe that's not fa

Clever Pennywyze43

Clever Pennywyze43 in Who Knew????

Alright, y'all

Alright, y'all.  I don't know how to create things y'all are interested in reading AND responding to.  I'm going to talk to the owner of this circle and see if she has any tips on this topic. later this morning.  I'd really enjoy seeing more content than what I've posted, but like I said, 'I don't know how to create things y'all are interested in reading AND responding to', therefore, I'm going to get some feedback.  Maybe, hopefully, I can get some ideas.

Clever Pennywyze43

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Hey, Y'all

Hey, guys and dolls.  I'm doing a check-in, and seeing how things are going, today.  Just so that everyone knows, if there comes a day you need to reach out, I'm always around.  If you don't want to share within the circle, you can send me a personal message.  I'm no counselor, however, I have been told (my entire life) that I am a great listener.

Clever Pennywyze43

Clever Pennywyze43 in Welcome

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