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April 7-11

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Jeremy Pt. 1

PART 1   This is the first part of the story, which leads up to Jeremy's death.   October 31, 2017   Jeremy left for work in our KIA FORTÈ 5, that morning around 4:30-5:00am. We were living in Rockport, which is by Corpus Christi in South Texas. He did not come in from work at the regular time, but he came in about 2 almost 3 hours late. When he stepped inside our trailer, he looked hagrid, (I was kinda familiar with the look because it was the same as when he wreck


Pennywyze43 in Jeremy Atwell

The Worst Week

This. Is. The. Worst. Week. The first of April indicates to me that I have 8 days until the next year mark. I'm never going to consider the 9th of April to be the "anniversary" of my husband's death. I'll always have a major issue with this subject because I've been convinced since I heard the details of the accident (2 weeks later): the woman who was driving, the reason our Acura rolled off the highway, she knew she would not make it through the wreck, she also deducted that Jeremy would be par


Pennywyze43 in Jeremy Atwell

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