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Talking Helps 10/01/2015 21:24 PM

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By ModKonnie
According to many experts exercise truly can help relieve the symptoms of depression, a common issue during the grief process. In addition to the physical benefits already known about exercise, including disease prevention, exercise is known to release chemicals in your brain that help lift your mood and make you feel better. If you are worried “exercise” means you have to start lifting weights, jogging or even strenuous calisthenics, don’t be. Exercise to lift your spirits can be anything from a short walk in a beautiful park to simply puttering around the house talking to your plants. To get started exercising, just get out of bed or off the couch and start moving. Are you thinking “it’s not that simple because I am so depressed?” Try some positive self-talk each morning, such as “Today, I am going to have a good day,” or “I’m going to get out of bed and move around today because I care about me.” It really does work.

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