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Talking Helps 09/02/2015 00:29 AM

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Does time really help the healing process?

By ModKonnie
Many of you have just recently suffered the profound loss of a child, significant other or even a dear parent. You may find that you can’t sleep, or perhaps you can’t do anything but sleep. Your thoughts are chaotic, and the simplest of tasks may have become mountainous burdens to your broken heart and stricken mind. You wonder how life can continue under these conditions, and you have no clue whether you will ever feel “normal” again. You might even be unsure if you even want to feel “normal” again. You are left wondering how in the world you can manage to make it through the next hour, and you cannot even begin to understand how you can possibly make it through more than a day. Were you just now reading and thinking, “That’s exactly how I feel?” If so, you may find comfort in knowing that in time, you will develop a new “normal” and learn how to live again. While many of our members have commented their hurt and pain never entirely go away, On’s Facebook site,, several members shared how time helped them to adjust to life without their precious loved ones. Darlene said, “The pain changes into something more livable, always there but allowing us to continue to live. At some point, we stop crying over every thought, and smile. The good things come creeping in a little at a time, which allows a smile--albeit painful sometimes. I still cry, and it's been almost six years now. I often do something he would have done. When I realize it, I stop, smile, and thank him for becoming part of who I am, even though he isn't here.” Another member, Julie said, “Not without work. Does time heal and faith fix a flat tire? Not without work that you put into it. Same goes for grief.”While everyone agrees that grieving is often a long and difficult process, most members report they do learn to cope and deal with their pain. When reading through the forum posts on, members give encouraging descriptions of eventually laughing and smiling as they share fond memories of their loved ones. So, for those of you new to this experience, we offer encouragement, hope and support to you. We will be here for you as time helps you work through the heartache and anguish and you learn to live again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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We’d like to offer our deepest sympathy and warmest welcome to our newest members. You have come to the right place. There are others here at who have experienced similar losses. They will be able to share, encourage and support you. We will be here for you.

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