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Student with questions

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Hello All,


Firstly, I want to say that I am sincerely sorry that each one of you are in the position to be a member in a grief group; I myself am no stranger to the grief process (this includes a sister who we lost to suicide 3 years ago this past May) which is why I chose to come here for a project I am doing for a class. I here with utmost respect for this very difficult and private time.

The purpose for my study is that I am examining the social implications of the internet and how it is used as means of human interaction for support and shared resources and what this means for the participant. I do have a few short questions for those who would like to participate:

  1. How did you find this support forum?
  2. Do you find that anonymity and the comfort of being in the privacy of your own home to be a more effect way of expressing how you feel? For example, do you feel you are able to be more open and honest about how you are feeling and your experiences than you would, say, a therapist or close friend?
  3. How significant is it for you to connect with others who have had a similar loss?



I want to thank you for any input. You can also private message me if you would like more information about me or my project and I will promptly get back to you.


Thank you once again,


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