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      Hi all,  I'm sure you've noticed some changes in the forums. We've again had to do some updates, so that's why things may look a little different. Nothing major should have changed.  Also, we are going to start adding advertisements sensitive to our community on the boards. This is something we are experimenting with, and we will certainly make sure they are in the best interests of everyone. We want to make sure our forums continue to stay accessible and cost free to all of our members, and this is a way to ensure this.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to privately message me or email me at Konnie@beyondindigo.com.  As always, we will be here with you, ModKonnie
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Message from the other side.

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My niece sent this message about 5 days after I lost wife to cancer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hey Roy, I don't normally tell people about my dreams but I woke up happy from this one so I thought I would share it with you. I was at someone's house at a lake and Donna, who looked to be in her 20's walked out of the house with a book and just sat down, put her feet in the water and started reading. She looked like she felt so good and seemed so content. I think that is why I woke up feeling the way I did. I don't normally do this but I just wanted to share it with you.

My niece told my sister that she wrote this message to me, and thought it would hurt me more than help, so she was going to delete it, but hit the send button by mistake. I'm glad she made that mistake, it will always give me a picture of my wife being happy and doing what she loved to do the most.

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