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I lost my nephew and his father is lost in all but body.

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I have delt with these issues for over a year. I don't talk much about it. People treat me funny and some just can't handle. So i avoid speaking my brother and his son......five years ago my family was blessed with the birth of my nephew, my adopted brother/best friends son. Two years later and 10 months of battling cancer and multiple chemo seasons my nephew passed in the arms of his mom. My brother could never accept the loss of his son. During the fight for his sons life my btother took him to a religious healer that told hin that his son was suffering for his sins and he couldn't heal that. My bro oddities took on a self destructive life style. I believe in an attempt to accidentally kill himself. One day I was sitting with him talking to hI'm about going into rehab and he said "God won't blame me if I kill myself. He knows my pain." I knew then that he would try to kill himself. He had feared going to hell and not seeing his son in the after life. After several failed attempts he finally hung himself and was in a coma for two weeks and now is severally disabled. Most days he knows who I am. He almost never speaks of his son. For the first time the other day "he said that he had a beautiful Son." I am lost. He is so hurt some days he sees things that aren't there, common for people with severe brain injuries, other days he can almost hold a convo. He is 34 and lives in a nurseing home. He has had 5 or 6 room mates and they all died. He almost starved to death a few montha ago because he has trouble eating and drinking.y father is pushing me to take custody of him because it is destroying his life. Thanks dad you fucking ass. He says he will turn his care over to the state if I don't take over. I have two kids and am in a divorce and just don't know where to get support for something this odd....

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This is such a lot for you to deal with. I pray you are given light onto what you need to do as far as your brother is concerned and in all other area of your life. Hugs

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