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my unexpected visit to a medium

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Hello everyone! I wanted to start off with saying that this post is not meant to insult anyones believes! I have no intentions of hurting anyone or impossing my own believes on anyone else. I also ask a lot of respect from anyone that reads this because it is very personal to me and I just felt like I should share this that ultimately brought a lot of peace to my heart.

A few days ago I spoke to a friend of mine who lost her fiance of 10 yrs about 3 yrs ago. We were just talking about diffrent coping skills and she told me that one thing she did was seek a medium. I did some research but didint really find anyone I could trust. I prayed like always and asked chuck kindly to lead me to someon that could help me communicate with him.

Early in the morning I was driving around and saw a natural supplement store. I went in to get some iron ( Im highly anemic) and the owner of the shop an older man in his late 60's came up to me and said " Im sorry to approach you in this way but theres a very strong precense of a loved one coming thru would you be willing to sit down with me and have a reading?" at that moment I had no idea what to say or think but I went ahead and sat down with him. We prayed and called his name. He said to go ahead and verify I want ahead and describe him to you. he is a 6'5 young male prob early to mid 20's well built on the larger side light skinned with hazel eyes, very short hair. I instantly knew that was my chuck. then the median said that he was mentioning jiggy. which was his nickname as a teenager. Right there I was sure it had to be him.

The reading continued and I asked a few questions which were answered with complete accuracy. To sum it up ( some things are very personal) he said that he loved me very much and that he was always around.

This reading brought so much peace to my heart just knowing and hearing those things. At first I wasnt very sure but it was just to amazing =)

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Yadairaisabel, Your experience sounds incredible. I know nothing about anything like this, and I guess I have serious questions about all that, but I am glad you are feeling great. --ModKonnie

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