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Did I have a "vision dream"

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I have never heard of vision dreams or adc's or anything like this before. But as I was reading through some of the post I remembered that a few weeks after my moms passing I had a dream like no other. I dreamt about her almost everynight since her passing. Just normal dreams, soe nightmares of her dying again. But this one was completely different. I saw her next to me and knew she shouldnt have been there. I turned to her and said "what are you doing here?!? Where did you go? Is there a Heaven? I remember crying and for the first time i could feel her, hug her, SMELL her. (the smell was so real i still smelled her after i woke up) But unlike some of the happy vision dreams i read about where they say "im o.k and happy" she said wasnt happy and started crying. She said she just wanted to be with us. she was in pain and bleeding. it turned from a beautiful dream to a nightmare quick. Was this a vision dream? and if so why was she hurt and sad?

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Dearest friend, I am so very sorry for the physical passing of your dear Mother that I know is so hard for you to bear. When a person has made their transition (returning back fully into spirit ) they have ways of communicating with those loved ones who remain in physical body. There are a myriad of ways in which they communicate. Dreams are the most common way because when we are in the dream state we temporarily leave our physical body to enter into the spirit world via our spiritual body. While there we are able to visit with our loved ones as well as others and many times they are able to impart information and other things to us that can be most helpful.

In the case of your Mother showing up but seeming unhappy, that was most likely not a real dream visit from her, dearheart. You see, those who are with God are no longer unhappy, ill, or troubled. They are beyond that and are most happy, joyful, and tranquil in their new life. But when one has an experience such as with that particular dream you had it is somewhat difficult to explain but it could indicate her Earthly troubles that you were aware of that are resurfacing thus, you are picking up in this manner, most likely due to a hard day or experience that you may have had recently that can trigger such recollections. But as to it being she in that unhappy state, imho it would appear to be not so likely since again having left her physical body there is no more feelings such as those.

Others however, with a soul that had deep and dark roots and experiences while on Earth of a kind such as those who commit dark acts against others who after leaving their physical body and going to spirit cannot release those thoughts or rest due to the law of cause and effect where they still remember their dark past and are reflecting upon it might communicate that but it is not very likely. However, it appears clear from what you have revealed in your posting that that is certainly not the case here and would therefore, not apply.

Again, when you have a less than amicable day or some trouble in your own personal life, those very things can trigger such dark dreams that can indeed be 'nightmares' to many but you have to consider what is happening first of all and your own dispostion in order to better assess the dream. Another thing that can and does happen is that opportunistic dark memories brought on by things many times unknown can enter into the realm of the dream state such as to cause such 'dreams' to transpire. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to always PRAY before going to bed! The LORDS Prayer as well as the Twenty-Third Psalm are always most helpful for protection along with your own prayers and intentions. Praying for a loved one now in spirit is also most helpful to them as it helps them to advance spiritually and grow in their new life with the loving vibrations of the prayers that you offer for them that are received as light.

May God always bless you and protect you and may God provide cheerful, beautiful and loving dream visits from your Mom where you can see that she is well, happy, and at peace!

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