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Dear friends,

In reading the many heartfelt stories and accounts of tragedy within families I wanted to bring you the message that suicide is never the answer!

Whatever problems, concerns, or what you or a loved one may perceive as being not solvable is never worth the taking of their life. There are always answers that can be given to them and that may be of great help during such a vulnerable time of despair. But If they commit suicide they will never know that there was an answer to their problem(s) and that they did not have to take their life! They also do not stop to think and realize the extreme pain they are causing to those left behind.

Many people who commit suicide do so because they do not feel loved or that there is no one who truly cares about them and their problems. Therefore, one must reach out to them in love and reassure them that nothing could be further from the truth.

There is nothing more soothing and comforting than to know that someone cares about you! There can be no argument there. To open up your heart and speak to another with kindness in your voice and love from your heart can make all the difference in the world to many who are contemplating suicide.

For those who may be facing the thought of suicide, most unfortunately, know that there are others who truly care about you!

There is a Toll-Free Number available in the U.S.A. to call if such thoughts are in one's mind. You will find great people with a caring attitude who are there to help you!

1 - 800 - 273 - TALK

Additional Resources:

Suicide Grief Support Forum: http://www.suicidegrief.com/

Survivors of Suicide: http://www.survivorsofsuicide.com/

Youth Suicide Prevention Information: http://spyc.sanpedro.com/suicide.htm

Befrienders Worldwide: http://www.befrienders.org/

May God bless each and every person and help them to dispel the thought of suicide from their mind and replace it with the joy and happiness that they can have when they realize that God Loves them and has placed others in this world to love them too!

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