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Okay so I'm not sure if anyone n here knows anything about dreams but if you do please help!


So i lost my mother in late august 2017. During that same time i had been trying to figure out if me and my off and on boyfriend of 4.5 years were going to stay together after his first time cheating. Since then we broke up. Hes started dating right away and well i have been dealing with grieving and a new career choice. One my mom would be so proud of by the way! lol

But anyways! So we broke up. It bugged for a bit but i was busy trying to figure this whole adult thing without help from my mother. During that time i had decided to really tell myself that if i'm not pregnant or have a baby by the age of 25 i wont have any at all. A goal of mine for years but never been so hard about it before. Even joked with my ex saying if i'm single by 25 with no baby hes gotta cough up the sperm! lol 

But the past couple of nights my mom appears in my dreams. and i want to say the past 3 or 4 nights i reveal i'm pregnant. Each on with me panicking. Which is a way i never thought i'd be when finding out i'm pregnant. But in the dream my mom is there and she is calm and tells me that its okay. And how happy she is is all over her face. That's another thing! I can see her face in my dreams! But only hers.

I'm unsure if this has to do with the fact that me and my ex still sleep together randomly or if it has to do with the fact that everyone around me has been announcing their pregnant or they just had a baby. Or if its the fact i now say i'm probably never going to have kids. Which for me is crazy.

Crazy because during the breakup my ex spilt he was going to buy me a ring. and i spilt once settled in our new home (which was going to be in January) i was going to ask if we could start trying for a baby.Both of us reacting shocked and upset at each others plans for the future that now wont happen. 

But yes someone please help me out here. I'm so confused with it. I want to know what my mom could possibly trying to tell me. 

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Dear Cuzzy,

I think your mom wanted to offer you some comfort and let you know she is still in your life. When we have been thinking of our loved ones a lot, they end up in our dreams in some form.

I sometimes think its our minds way of just working out all the thoughts we have.

Take your time and I hope your mom will visit you again soon.

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