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Motocycle accident.

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My 25 year old brother died 3 weeks ago in a motorcycle accident less then 2 miles from our house. I have delt with death before both my parents and grandparents are gone..but this is different I feel so much pain and regret. He was here putting on his helment telling me how ridiculous i was and then an hour later he was gone. I found out on a motorcycle group i follow on facebook and read on the comments he was gone. I mean he lived with me and I found out from a PICTURE of his wrecked bike. A big delivery truck is what he got thrown into so i just feel like he had to be scared and in pain. The only reason he left that day was because of me. I dont know how to live without him. I was always such a nagging sister because i wanted his life to be amazing and now hes gone. I just dont know how to excpet it. Except that an honest accident took him and now his room is empty and the smell of him is fading and it hurts to breathe every moment of everyday. I love you Alex and I'm so sorry that it was you.

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I am so very sorry this has happened to your family. My brother died in a similar manner after a family argument in the middle of our yard. He drove off after fighting with my other brother, and an hour or so later was gone. I would suggest you talk to a professional about how you are feeling. You are obviously rocked by the trauma of the whole situation as well as the grief. You cope and deal by talking as much as possible about your loss, your feelings and your brother.

We will be here with you,


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Dear Raja,

I am extremely sorry for your loss. I understand how hard it must be.

I too lost my 39 yr old brother few days ago on 28 Jan who happened to be my identical twin. I am so devastated that I can't put it in words.

Reason for his death is still not certain. He was perfectly healthy..used to gym 5 days a week..no previous health condition..used to drink socially and smoke a bit.

He was playing cricket on the field and suddenly complained of breathlessness. He came out to rest for a while and suddenly collapsed holding his chest. The other players put him in a car and took him to the hospital only 12 min away. But the doctors couldn't revive him.

I was so close to him and being twins we spent the maximum time in last 39 yrs with each other. I didn't have to speak to him to know how he felt anytime.i just had that connection with him. I just can't accept that he's gone.

I'm in a mess right now..don't know if I even want to come out of it.

I see his car, his kids ,his other stuff everyday and I can't take it. I loved him so much.

May God give you peace and please keep him in your prayers.

Hope you soon find a.way to cope with your loss

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