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I lost my dad to heart failure and it's about to be 2 years on the 29th of this month. I wish I could talk to him or hug him. I thought this would fade over time after the first few months passed, but it still hurts the same. I breaks my heart and soul. I can't breathe and i am trapped in this world where i can't find him. It's still hard to believe he is gone. I get so angry that i have his belongings and music with me, because he is suppose to have it. I never knew a life without him, he was always with me 24/7. I'm happy on part he isn't suffering and he is ok. And i believe he is dancing in the sky and is with God. But it all still hurts the same. I want to know where he is exactly?  how much happiness is inside of him? is it peaceful? what does heaven look like? does he ever miss me? and if he were to see me will he remember? because i miss him more than anything in this earth and i love him so much. I never thought anyone could feel this much pain that it rips you into pieces each day. I don't know how to move on with my life, he was my life. We shared goals and dreams. I've always been his little girl. He was my hero, my best friend, my daddy, everything i wanted to be and the only comfort i knew. Please help. Im getting desperate each day, because i have not one clue how to overcome losing him or believing it. I knew him for 17 years, how do you continue with someone who isn't here that was around since you came into this world? what do you do? because i can't continue with this. He is gone. He was there 2 years ago, when i would come home. when i would  get out of school, day and night. he was always always there at home. And we did everything together. I want to go be with him or for him to be with me. If i could dance with him in heaven i would. 

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Dear daddy's sweatheart,

I'm so sorry to hear of your pain and sorrow. I know its really hard. Everything you said is so true and so difficult to come to terms with. Please know you are not alone. We are all here to listen. Have you considered talking to a grief counsellor or joining a support group? There are many wonderful resources in the community and through church that could offer you more support.

I know its not easy to get through each day without the most important person in your life. People have told me this and I hope it helps a little. Your dad would want you to be happy. He would want you to live your life as fully as possible. Keep writing about him, thinking of him, talking of him because that's the best way to honor him. He was so lucky to have you for his daughter. I know so many people would wish for such a close relationship.

Thinking of you. Sending you love and hugs.

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