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My brother dief

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My 59 year old older brother died 10 days ago. Its such a long story and Im too drained to explain right now. I just can not believe it. I feel so sad, like a part if me is missing, like my childhood is broken. How can this be real? My 18yr old dog died in September. Im afraid to move forward, like something else bad will happen. I dont know what my life is. 

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It’ll get a little bit easier as time goes on, my sister died 10 years ago. It still hurts but after a while you start to feel like you can breathe again... still hurts, just not as overwhelming like it is at first. Try to keep busy, I found, and still find that I think more about her, the past, what it would be like now if she were still here when I’m driving for a long time to have a lot of time to think- my mind goes to her. Try to stay busy, try to reach out to other people who’ve lost a sibling, they’re the only ones that really understand... there are lots of fb groups, it’s sad to read through the posts, but also comforting to know that we are not alone. *Hugs*

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I’m so sorry for your losses. In my personal experience with sibling loss, I have felt a sense of identity lost. I’ve had two brothers pass away. The first was 10yrs ago and I had to go on because he had kids that I needed to take care of. I grieved his loss for years and was numb for several of those years. Holding my grief and pain inside which lead me to illness. Make sure to try and feel your feelings and know that’s ok.

My other brother that was two years older than me died in November and this loss is completely different. It was a violent death and also our lives were so intertwined because we were so close in age and shared similar hopes and dreams. We were living almost parallel lives. We were going to take care of our parents together. I feel completely lost and can’t see forward just yet, but everyday I’m going to wake up and get out of bed to try and move forward. Hoping to re-balance and find my way. I wish this for you as well. 

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