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My Mother is dying

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She has been really sick for 3 years now and has almost passed away a few times (cardiac arrest). She has miraculously pulled through each time but has been on dialysis and in and out of the hospital and  keeps declining. Now she has a rare kidney complication called calciphylaxis. It's a terrible disease. Painful and she is in a hospital two hours away to get the daily treatments. She is not responding to treatment and is dying slowly. She is only in her fifties. 

I am an only child and literally have no other family other than my husband and my children. I really don't have any close friends either because of moves and just  the way my life has turned out  which only exacerbates the stress I'm in. I don't think my husband understands what this is like for me especially since weve had so many close calls and she has pulled through so many times. 

I have a great job and acquaintances at work but no one really knows what I'm going through. 

I am just going through motions and don't know how to cope. I need someone to relate to and some  support. 

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I am so sorry about your mom. You have come to the right place; we will be here with you. You can talk all you want about what your are going through. Do you and your mom talk about what is going on? 

My father had a series of close calls before he actually died. It was scary, heartbreaking and even frustrating at times. We just never knew what to expect. Has your mother been given a time line? You may want to look up Hosparice, https://www.hosparushealth.org/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-eyioeuW2AIVWrjACh1B9gbyEAAYASAAEgJBwvD_BwE They may have some literature that will help you. 

We will be here with you,


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Junebug13 ,

I'm truly sorry to learn that you're going through this.  I have lost both parents and I have siblings but no husband and no children. Call on them for the joy of their smiles and to be distractions when needed. You're right as your husband is not going through, he will not understand until he goes through it or even still not same way you feel. I tell you this as you will deal with this in your own way.  I'm glad that she's a fighter and has overcome multiple times.  I will keep you and your family lifted in my prayers and like ModKonnie said we're here for you. Lean on us as an outlet or just to vent. Continue to rise.

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