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What do YOU think happens to our loved ones when they physically leave us and will we be with them again?

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I talk to our cat, tell him he's loved and missed. I have a framed photo in our living room and I choose to believe his spirit is with us. My best friend even had his portrait done from a photo, Ironically, done when he was still alive, but she just gave it to me recently.

He really has only been in one dream and it was very vague. I begged in to visit me in my dreams for the first couple months. Even though we were so bonded, he was pretty independent so it would be in his personality to ignore my request, haha.  

I think he knows that I love cats so much that we would get another one which we have. She is so cute, I like having her around for sure. But it's early and we don't have much of a bond. It seems impossible to think I will have what I had with our sweet guy but I'm okay with that. 

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Hi Dust,

I agree with everything you said, they are little miracles that come into our lives and heal us from so many past hurts, I know that is true.  I spoke to Ava last night about how she ould feel about me getting another dog after she leaves me, I was crying and asking her not to hate me for it and telling her in no way would it every relace her or mean I didn't love her.  A little while later she went over to her toys and picked up one of her favourite teddies and placed it on her blanket which I had put by me, she then went over and got another of her favourite teddies and did the same thing, she then went and found a chewy bone she hadn't yet eated and place that there.  Then she went and led down next to the blanket, not on it but next to it.  I've tried not to give any meaning to it because I seem to be doing that to everything she does since I got the news but I do wonder if it was her way of saying it was ok for me to get another dogimage.thumb.png.2bbf8e573f87fde515faf9264ae22143.png

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You don't need to apologize for taking our time, that's what our time is for!

I agree with your friend about these animals, I feel a closeness, a kinship with animals that's easier than with people, animals don't betray us.  There are three horses that live down the street (I'min the country) and their owners don't pay them any attention, they think if they throw them some food and water they're good.  They're social creatures and need interaction.  My dog and I walk down and talk to them, bring them treats, I stroke them, they love their chins rubbed.  One didn't even have a name so I gave him one and told the neighbors so they could call him by name as well.  Their owners don't live here and come up once a week is all.  Right now their owners took them to Eastern Oregon for the winter so I'm worried about them and can't wait for them to bring them back.  I worry about them getting attention and wondering where I am or what's happening to them.

You are right about animals having this calming ability.  That's why one of my recommendations to people who lose their spouse is to consider getting a pet, they're de-stressing, they're wonderful companions, and it gets you out of yourself!

I haven't had "signs" from my animals that passed but I have from my husband, and I definitely think it's possible.  From everything I've heard, it's hard to cross the worlds to give a sign, it takes great effort but that doesn't rule it out.  I believe with all my heart we'll be together again and do not worry about us finding each other...we did once, we will again.

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