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My dog died on the way to the vet

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My lab has been sick and dealing with some minor liver issues over the last month: became more sick over the last couple of days, me and my wife knew that it was almost time for him to go to doggy heaven, we picked I’m up as he was unable to walk: to put him in our car; he passed away on the way to the vet; me and my wife are completely broken he was such a big part of our family


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Your dog picked the time, and you were astute in realizing his end was near.  The loss feels unbearable, I know, it's hard.  Doctors can give us pain medication for physical pain, but why oh why isn't there something to help an aching heart?!  It takes much time to process their death, to assimilate the changes it means to our lives.  I wish you and your wife peace for your aching hearts.

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I know you don't feel "lucky" but you were spared from the guilt and regret of putting your dog down. Spared from asking yourself a million times if you made the right decision or if there was something else you could've done. You were spared from feeling incredibly sorry for having to end your dogs life and not knowing if your dog understood that you were doing it because of how much you loved him. In all the pain and sadness that you feel from your loss, and believe me i know, it unbearable.. just know that your beloved pet held on as long as he could and loved you and your family unconditionally. Best wishes for your hurting heart to mend. 

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