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Horrible End of Life Experience

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My yorkie developed seizures and partial paralysis quite suddenly due to a series of hereditary issues. After seeing a specialist and spending over $1600, we learned it would cost over $18,000 for a surgery that my dog only had a 50% chance of surviving. We couldn’t afford the cost and decide to set an appointment to euthanize her. She was only 9-years-old. 

Her seizures got worse the two days before the procedure and we called our vet who had cared for her since we added her to our family, and brought her in a day early. 

This is a difficult time for anyone but the experience was compounded by the terrible and insensitive treatment we received.

We waited at over an hour in a consultation room while my dog suffered through a few seizures. The walls were extremely thin and we were right behind the reception desk where a lot of laughing, joking and talking could be heard. When the vet and tech finally came in, it took 15 minutes and 4 times before the vet let the tech try and was able to get a vein since my dog was dehydrated at this point causing even more stress on my dog and making this experience more traumatic for my pet and family. 

Afterward while we were greiving my dog we had to make choices about cremation and then we were asked to pay. 

Needless to say that was the last time my family ever set foot in that clinic. Our new clinic has a much more private layout. 

I’m writing this to see if others have had a similar experience and if any of you have any ideas in how the care, handling and planning of after life care can be improved. 

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Wow @PigWeasley I am so sorry to read your story and for your loss. A sad ending for your sweet yorkie girl. She was awfully ill. :(  

I too had a very painful tragic end for my cat. We were not at our regular vet, we were at an emergency clinic and while they did what they could to save him, it was not great "service." We were handed our bill minutes after he was put down too. (I had another vet who sent the bill in the mail later. Much more thoughtful. I have no issue paying but talk about bad timing!)

My advice: write out your story and mail the letter to the vet. It could make you feel better and they need to know how wildly insensitive the whole experience was for you. You could always review online too if that's something you do? 

I feel for you and hope you are doing okay. It is so traumatic to lose your dog like that and then to have it be handled so casually is really thoughtless.

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I agree with AJW, I think you need to voice what you've told us to the vet.  If the office help knew what you were in there for, they should have held a more somber stance out of respect for you all.  They shouldn't have made you wait.  They should have an someone experienced get the vein, not use it for instructional purposes.  It's hard when they're dehydrated but if they can get it on the last try they should be able to make it on their first attempt.   I'm sorry, no excuses.  They could have had you pay and make decisions beforehand to avoid having to talk to them afterwards when you just want to get out of there and grieve in peace.

I'm sorry for your experience, and for your loss.

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