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I don't want to continue on without him

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I'm sorry, LoveGoli. I know that struggle.  If it weren't for my pets and my family, I'd wish God would just see it in His heart to give me a quick heart attack and let me be with George again.  This life, this living, it takes so much work it's exhausting.  But being as I have to live, I try to give myself the best quality life I can have.  I eat healthy and exercise because I don't want to lose my independence and I want to be ambulatory and able to take care of myself, not be a burden to my kids or society.  But gosh it's a lot of effort!

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On 31/10/2017 at 5:44 AM, KMB said:

Francine and Azipod, You both have a profound, beautiful way of expressing words.! Thank you!

I second KMB....Francine and Azipod, I have been reading other posts here, and your words to others in pain resonate with me also. You, as everyone here, have kind and loving hearts. Blessings. Xx

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Tomorrow, it will be three months since I lost the most amazing human being I've ever met. Someone the universe let me love for over four years. And it still feels like just yesterday the entire world came crashing down around me. Maybe the waves are a little further apart now, but they're still just as big and I still think I'm drowning every time one washes over me. There will never be another smile that will ever light up my life in the same way, nor will there ever be another set of eyes that look at me as if I'm made of magic. I have loved his ancient soul a thousand times over, in life after life, forever.

And I still can't believe it has been three months. I'm angry about it. I want time to stop.

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