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Very lost

It's been 1 month today

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Hi my name is Kelley.  My 22 year old daughter passed away 1 month ago today.  She has left behind her 3 year old son.  Her boyfriend four brothers and her dad and I.  The past month has just been a blur.  As a mother you always dread THAT phone call.  I received mine September 12 at 4am.  Her boyfriend repeatedly calling.  He said she was unresponsive.  I live 15 minutes from her house.  I was there in 10. The ambulance was already there.  I ran into the house they said sorry.  She was gone.  What??  Why??  She was addicted to huffing air duster.  We had been fighting it for awhile she told me everything was OK.  To calm down!  I feel like I let her down!  I feel so lost!  Planning the funeral was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life!!  I just can't process my only daughter is gone!  She was my only friend.  Not seeing text messages on my phone has been so hard.  We text every day.  I hate my new life without her!  I know I need to be strong for everyone but it's so hard!  I just feel like I have no one to talk to anymore.  My sons are dealing with it in there own way.  No one likes to talk about it. ...they say I need to move on but not forget!  I've just been on auto polite for the past month.  I just hope things get better some time!  Thanks for listening... 

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Kelly, I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter.  I know it must be hard for all of you and this tragedy will have a rollercoaster of emotions as you go on.  I would suggest that you go to the loss of an adult child.  There are many parents with many different aged angels.  Come to listen, or to scream or to cry ..   we are here and we would like to hear more about your angel when you are ready.  Everybody there has been down this path with losing our precious child, and the best thing about it, is your not alone..  and others do understand.  I hope to see you there..  please take care of you, your angel would want that.  I never lost a child, but a 10 year old grandchild and this site has been a lifesaver for me.  ((hugs))

Leah (JaBoa's Grandma)

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kelley I am so sorry for the tragic loss of your daughter it is a hard burden to bear. i echo the invitation to join us on loss of a child loss of an adult child thread. We have posts every day on there with support from many bereaved parents who have lost a child/children. We understand everything you are going through how hard it is how scary and lonely and will support you through your new reality. take care

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