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Jack marzy

Heart broken lost friend

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I'm so sad ,heart broken but same time angry i'm 39 ys old doctor had a very close friend (technician working with me)for the last 2 years i loved him more than a brother and was willing to sacrifice even my life for him During this time i had some doubts that he is not feeling same way but kept it to my self struggled alot with this feeling but because of my love to him i kept this friendship going on pushing hard every day but recently discovered that he is not bathered about this friendship and started to take aside from me and noticed that he prefered sitting and bonding with others and totally ignoring me i tried my best to hold on to him but it was obviuos that he doesn't care any more..it was a shock to me to discover that friendship was comming only from my side and i had to stop this relation to save some of my dignity..

He totally ignored also as if nothing happened living his life and having fun..but i'm the one suffering every day when i see him severe pain that wont go away crying tears before sleeping daily i'm not ashamed that i loved him cause my hole life i had no brothers or friends he was my only one ..I'm angry with him for not being onest with me and he gave me feeling that i'm his best friend which i discovered that he is doing same with others...idont know what to do feeling pain and seeing him every day he ignores me and keeps joking and laughing with others and i'm sitting alone grieving.

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Dear Jack,

Sorry to hear how you feel and the pain you are feeling at this lost friendship. I know its tough. We would all like the people we care about to return our feelings. It does hurt deeply.

I know this is easier said than done, but it will take time. Try not to think about him and focus on yourself. Your interests. Your goals. It takes time but I am confident you will meet a new friend and develop new supports.

Slowly reach out and consider joining a MeetUp group. 

Be kind to yourself. More than ever must be your own best friend. The best thing to show anyone in the world is that we will carry on and live our best life.

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