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My baby Oliver

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I lost my 3 month and 6 day old baby boy on August 22nd. I'm finding that everyday seems harder as I realize I don't wake up in the middle of the night anymore to make a bottle. His 18 month old Sister just learned to say "hi baby" and everytime I watch videos of him she says it, and it kills me. He died of SIDS in his sleep, but I was gone that morning to the gym. He smiled at me before I left and wasn't breathing when I got back. I can't help but blame myself. If I were there maybe it wouldn't have happened. My fiance, his father, was there and I know he is feeling the same way but I don't think we know how to comfort each other as he is very religious and I am the opposite.. having people around helps us feel normal but I want to be there for him and be able to talk about it with him. We've been much closer than ever now, but without talking about it. Any suggestions? As I'm hurting terrible and I know he is too.

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oliversmommy I am so sorry for the loss of your precious boy. SIDS is a terrible thinh it happens suddenly without warning and even if you were there in the house you could not prevent it. The babies just go to sleep and dont wake up for them it is very peaceful it is everyone else left behind that really suffer. some people on this site have faith others like me do not so you can always find support. Please join us on another thread. On the main page click on loss of a child then choose loss of an adult child thread at the top and click on the last page so you are current. The parents on that thread are very active so there will always be an answer within a few hours. on that thread we have all lost children some as babies some as toddlers and some as teens or adults. We are all in the same boat missing and mourning our children desperately.


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