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One year anniversary, 3:06am

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I've been crying for an hour and a half because Fallon would've loved the rainbow that appeared before her memorial. It's 3am on the anniversary of the day she died and I can't stop thinking about this simple thing. Why did that awful man have to be driving 3 times the speed limit at that time on that day in that exact spot on Hawthorne Boulevard? What was so important that he was driving fast enough to kill her? And why did she have to die?

Why was the chance to appreciate rainbows taken from her so soon?

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I am so very sorry Fallon died when she did and how she did. I can't answer for why things happen the way they do. I just know that if I dwell on "why?" or "what if..." all the time, I'll go crazy. Instead, I try to think of positive things about my lost loved ones--like happy memories, smiling pictures, important achievements. I feel I can honor them better by dwelling on the positive instead of the negative.

We will be here with you,


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