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Suspected to have oral cancer

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Hi, I have observed several changes in my mouth for the past few months and I fear that I have got oral cancer.

I have bumps on the back of my tongue and when I mentioned about this to my doctor, he told me that there is nothing to worry about. Now, I feel like my entire mouth is heavy. I have occasional pain on the side of my cheeks. My gums were light pinkish in color. Now, it has become reddish brown. I came to know that all of these are the symptoms of oral cancer.

Things are getting worse each day. I have developed a pain in my throat and it is not going away. On the left side of my tongue, I have developed painful bumps. I have a tingling sensation on my entire tongue.

When I consulted a general doctor, he told me that this might be due to some allergies of the food that I had. But, I am not satisfied with his diagnosis and want further examination. I am planning to visit a general dentist in Aurora next week and have an oral cancer screening.

I am really tensed and cannot sleep properly. What do you guys think? Do I have cancer?

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Stop! You will drive yourself crazy like this. If your doctor isn't worried, try to calm down. Go ahead and get the second diagnosis if you need to, but try not to stress like this. If you are self-diagnosing because of what you are reading on the internet, please stop doing that. 

I think if your doctor was worried, you should be worried, but if he/she isn't, then you shouldn't be. That's what I think. So, try to calm down and take a warm lavender bath or something to relax. It should all be okay. If you turn out to have a problem, you've obviously caught it extremely early and will get it taken care of. But, I'm betting that's not the case. :) 

We will be here with you,


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You have anxiety, not cancer.  My Dad died from what started as oral cancer.  

Oral cancer is indicated by a sore that doesn't go away, and the sore is not something that you are unsure about.  Meaning, it's a giant hole/crater and it's quite obvious that it is not normal when you see it. 

This isn't to be confused with canker sores, either.  those hurt really bad and always heal up in 1-2 weeks.  Oral cancer often doesn't hurt. 

If the doctor says you are ok, please believe him.  

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