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Hard everyday

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Today would have been my son's 33rd birthday.  It hurts as much today as it ever has.  My son has been gone for 27 months and I just lost my 33 year old step daughter 3 months ago.  I feel at a loss and will never be happy again.  I have not been happy in a  long time. 

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Jandimom44, I am so sorry for your double loss!. Not only, your son, but your step daughter have passed away! We are here for you. It takes a long time to heal from this kind of pain, and you had a double-dose in less than two and a half years. I'm sure the loss of your step daughter reopened the wounds of losing your son. You are in a safe place here where you can grieve and find compassion and empathy from those who are going - or have gone - through something very similar and who have an idea of the depth and intensity of your loss. I lost my son, Cameron, in 1992. It took me about 4 years before I could look in the mirror and say "I'm strong" again. Give yourself time, allow yourself to cry, and get the pain out by finding people who will listen to you without judging you both in person and online. (Here is a good place) Write in a journal - only for you to read, and no on else - and dump out everything you are feeling, thinking, and doing. Dump it all out. Do it every day, or even multiple times a day if you have to. The big thing is get it all out. Don't let it fester inside.


We are here for you.

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jandjmom44 I am so sorry for you having to experience two child losses in such a recent amount of time,that must be especially hard. I am glad you are posting and sharing here it really helps to be in contact with other bereaved parents. Good advice from mikep it is important to allow yourself time to grieve and when you experience another family death it kind of brings back the original loss and it all seems magnified. Most parents post on the thread Loss of an adult child no matter how old their child was as it keeps us together in one place more and you get more rapid responses. please join us there, and you too mikep and we can all help each other. Support is vital in making your way through grief and all it brings.

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